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We Surfacio Marketing are Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Provider, Traders, Authorized Distributors, wholesaler and Dealer of Composite Panels. Multilayer sheets, laminates with a core, and industrial structural panels are all examples of sandwich constructions called composite panels. They are constructed from various metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, and composite materials based on fibres. Sandwich panels are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly when they have an insulated core. A refrigerated truck, for instance, will retain the cold more effectively if it is built with insulated composite panels, using less energy to keep the vehicle chilled while it is in motion. Composite panels are suited for projects where outstanding strength and mechanical performance are required since they are lightweight and have a great strength to weight ratio. Due to the ability to use a variety of core and face materials for various purposes, composite panels are very adaptable. For instance, thermal insulation can be used in situations where temperature control is crucial, and non-combustible materials can be utilised in areas where rules are in effect, making them beneficial for project specifiers for a variety of clients and projects.

Additionally, composite panels can reduce any potential noise pollution. This is especially helpful for buildings that are built in busy regions, such cities or areas close to major roads. Additionally, it qualifies them for usage in camper and caravan bodies. Sound from inside and outside can be reduced by using panel cores with a higher density. Due to their great compressive strength, composite panels are recognised to be able to support more weight loads than conventional materials. Additionally, they offer excellent impact resistance. We Surfacio Marketing are deeply engaged in offering a wide array of Composite Panels to our valuable Client located In Mumbai, In Navi Mumbai, In Thane, In India.

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